2019 Game 8-14 Umpire Roster

Umpiring Check In Arrangements

Each club will be managing their own checking in arrangements for their umpires this year. Our club along with some others will have a Club Check In desk up in the Control Room.

The Beacon Hill Check In desk will be clearly identified and a Beacon Hill representative will be on hand each week to check-in all our umpires from the 9am to 1pm time slots. The Check In desk will be manned for the half hour prior to each time slot (9am-1pm) please do not try to check outside these times as the desk will not be manned. Umpires are expected to check in by 20 minutes before their duty.

Umpires umpiring the 2:20pm and 3:40pm will NOT be required to check-in and must be at their allocated court 10 mins prior to the start of the game.

We are expecting that all allocated teams and umpires will fulfil their duty as any “no shows” will be penalised.  You will be letting your fellow Club mates down!

Umpiring Guidelines

Our Club has drafted Umpire Your Own Guidelines that will be available on our website for all teams and umpires to abide by. Below is some key points from these guidelines:

  • All umpires for the timeslots 9am to 1pm must arrive at checking 20 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • All senior umpires for the 2:20 and 3:40pm timeslot must arrive at the designated court 10 minutes prior to the start of the game.
  • All umpires will need to wear a distinctive bib or white T-Shirt over their Club playing uniform or wear umpiring whites.  This is as per MWNA By Laws. If you do not have a white top the team your are umpiring for will have a white bib in their kit bag. Please return it to the kit bag after the game.
  • Only 1 umpire will be provided per game per team.
  • Club Umpiring Convenors are to ensure that the umpires provided are capable of umpiring that game and are registered with Netball NSW.
  • All umpires must provide their own whistle.
  • If any umpire is unable to fulfill their duty they must arrange a suitable replacement via their team manager.
  • Penalties will be applied to any umpire that doesn’t fulfil their duty.
  • All umpires will umpire the whole game.
  • The game cannot start without an umpire from each team
  • If an umpire fails to turn up that Club/team must supply another umpire.
  • If there is no umpire after 1 minute the other team may claim a forfeit as per the Rules of Netball.
  • Any Club Umpire that doesn’t fulfil their umpiring duty will be penalised by having 2 additional club duties i.e canteen, umpiring, etc.
  • Team Managers are to advise the Umpires Convenor of any rostered umpire that does not fulfil their duty.

Umpiring Allocations

Please see below the allocations for Games 8-14.

If you are unable to fulfill your umpiring duty please try to swap it within your team. Each week any changes to the published umpiring allocations will need to be notified to the Beacon Hill Umpire Convenor via email to bhnumpiring@gmail.com by 5pm Thursday prior to the Saturday game.

Game 8-14 allocations