2020 Winter Registration

Registration is closed.

For all the information about the winter season please read our 2020 Winter Rego Info Pack.


NetSetGo Players required:
8yr olds (Born 2012) – Players required
9yr olds (Born 2011) – Players required

Junior Players required:
10s (Born 2010) – 2-3 Players required
11s (Born 2009) – 2-3 Players required
12s (Born 2008) – 2-3 Players required
15s (Born 2005) – 2-3 Players required
Cadets (Born 2004/3) – 1 Player required

Senior Players required:
Over35s – shooter required

If you are not yet registered and are interested in playing please email your contact details including a phone number to our Registrar, Sherrie-Ann Greaves, at bhnrego@gmail.com