Frequently Asked Questions – 2020 Competition Days

What is the current health order?
It states “The “maximum number of participants at a community sporting activity must not exceed 500

Please explain how the exemption allows MWNA members to play on Saturdays?
The exemption reads (1) “Where the number of people anticipated to attend the community sporting activity
exceeds the number 500, a netball association must ensure people are divided into discrete groups of no more
than 500.”

What is the advice regarding wellness and participating in netball activities or
attendance on competition days?
Before participating in any netball activity, we have advised all players, team officials, parents/carers and other
Association/club members they must not attend training or matches, if they have:
– If you had any of the following symptoms in the last 24 hours (even mild):
Fever, could, sore throat, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, fatigue, loss of your sense of smell (without
sinus obstruction), Diarrhoea, Headache (combined with other symptoms) Muscle aches
– If you have been in close contact with another person who has recently returned from overseas.
– If you have been in Victoria in the past 14 days according to the new Victorian border restriction order, further
information can be found here:
– Persons who have been in attendance of the latest COVID-19 case locations in NSW, further information can
be found here
We have advised that they should check the NSW Government website for advice regarding the full list of
symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection:

How will MWNA be able to divide a time slot into discrete groups?
We have divided the courts into discrete zones or hubs. MWNA is required to use a physical barrier between one
hub and another. We have liaised with Northern Beaches Council and they are helping us out by erecting the
physical barriers early on Saturday morning.

How many hubs are there?
There are 4 and are named A, B, C, D. A court map has been supplied showing each hub.

What are the rules of the hub?
Under the exemption, only a person engaged by MWNA to provide services associated with the management of
the community sporting activity can cross the barrier. This is specifically referring to MWNA volunteers or Club
Volunteers who must be in different hubs at various times of the day to ensure the day runs as it should.
Netball participants who must move between hubs must be identified by MWNA or their club. A clearly marked
lanyard will be worn
There must be an absolute commitment from all members to keeping each ‘hub’ at Curl Curl separated, with no
intermingling of groups under any circumstances.

How many spectators can attend a junior game?
Clause 7 of the exemption states that MWNA must, to the extent possible, limit the number of attendees at the
community sporting activity, and further, to the extent possible, seek to ensure that only one guardian or parent
is to attend junior netball per player. The use of the wording ‘to the extent possible’ reflects that there will be
exceptional circumstances where more than one spectator will attend with a player. However, this should be
avoided wherever possible. This is a critical clause which has enabled this exemption to be put in place. We know
that it will make the netball experience different for many families this year, but we do request that MWNA must
abide by this clause and carefully monitor this on competition day.

How many spectators can attend a Senior game?
Parent/spectators are discouraged from attending games.

What social distancing measures are expected at Curl Curl?
Observing recommended social distancing of a minimum of 1.5 metres between people who do not live in the
same residence applies at our venue. This responsibility should be taken very seriously by all netball participants.
This responsibility should be taken very seriously by all netball participants.

How is attendance tracked?
The score sheet indicates the players registered and in attendance. On the scoresheet the umpires will be required
to write their name in full.
An attendance register for parents/spectators has been designed and will be inside the scoresheet folder. The
manager of your team or volunteer should fill in the parent spectator register. This register will be kept by the team manager for the duration of the season.
NSW Health is aware of the MyNetball registration system which contains the details of all registered persons.
Details from MyNetball would be used to fulfil this request from NSW Health if it became necessary, with registered
persons then required to provide the contact details to the Association of any person who accompanied them on
the day (such as a spectator) who was not already recorded in MyNetball.

How do you collect/return the scoresheet?
We have one central location in each hub for pick up and return of score sheets. It is a labelled black or brown flip
lid tidy bin. The club first named is responsible for the scoresheet and is the only scorer and should supply their
own pen. The other scorer stands at 1.5m from the scorer and is shown the score after each goal is scored. We
have laminated instructions for scorers placed on the front of the folder. There is no need to attend the control
room to return the scoresheet.

Will the public toilets and MWNA toilets be available for use?
We ask that you use your home bathroom/ toilet facilities before and after netball. The toilets will be open but we
have organised thorough cleaning on an hourly basis. The toilets may be locked for this, say approximately 10
minutes. Signage is being organised accordingly with Northern Beaches council. We are opening the exit door to
the foyer so that female members can exit more safely.

How will umpires check in?
Go directly to your allocated court, there is NO Umpires Check In this season.

Can I play up in another team on Competition Days?
Players can only participate in One (1) competition game per day. ie
1. If a player has played in a game on a day, that player cannot play in a second game on an ad hoc basis (ie as a
‘borrowed’ player) on the same day.
2. If a player has a bye in their normal team, on that day they could play as a ‘borrowed’ player given they will
still only be playing in one game on the day.
Playing up guidelines are always to be followed.

How do I know where to enter or exit from my hub?
Use the court map and key. MWNA has negotiated with Northern Beaches council as part of the exemption. We
expect entry and exit points to be used and common sense prevails. At all times maintain social distancing. You
have 15 minutes to arrive before the game and 15 minutes to leave at the end of the game. “Arrive, Play, Leave”.

What other safety measures exist?
MWNA have appointed a Covid 19 Coordinator, Meg Garlick (nee Ryan), who will liaise with clubs if any other
measures need to be added or deleted over the coming weeks. A tent will be erected to care for any symptomatic
members. It is not a first aid tent.

Is there a physio in 2020?
Yes, there is. Serious injuries are the physio’s first priority. The management of Covid-19 hygiene procedures may
also limit the numbers of patients who can be treated. Be prepared to bring your own strapping. Do not come early
to the physio for treatment.

Will there be a Canteen, BBQ or Coffee Van?
The Canteen, BBQ or Coffee Van will not be operating during the Winter 2020 season

If you have any other questions please contact our Covid-19 Coordinator Deb Harris on 0420 758 498 or