2021 Umpire Penalties


Under the Umpire Your Own system:

a)  A Club must provide one (1) suitably qualified umpire for every competition team registered.

b)  Umpires must attend to their commitments as per the Umpiring Allocations communicated to them by the club. 

c)  Team Managers are to advise the Umpires Convenor of any rostered umpire that does not fulfil their duty.



Failure to fulfill your umpiring allocation will incur 2 penalties. Any Player who doesn’t fulfil their umpiring duty as directed by the Club will incur the following penalties:

a)  The player’s team will NOT be allocated a club umpire in their next competition game.  The player responsible for failing to complete the umpiring commitment will be rostered to complete their own team’s umpiring (replacing the previously allocated umpire) in their next competition game  i.e. you will umpire your own team’s game. 

b)  The player responsible for failing to complete the umpiring commitment will be allocated 1 additional club duty which will be any of the following: ground marshalling, standby umpiring, umpiring or any other club duty.

Arriving late for your umpiring duty: Any player arriving late to for their duty as directed by the Club will incur one of the above penalties.