2021 COVID Requirements

  • 1 Spectator per player will be allowed this year.
  • Home team spectators are to stand on the Abbott Road side of the court and the away team on the Lagoon side of the court.  Court 7 – home team will be on the West side and away team on the East side.
  • QR Code will be handed out with the scoreboard for each court and will be returned with the scoreboard at the end of each game.
  • All team Coaches, Managers & spectators must wear a lanyard and check in with QR code
  • Each team to provide a COVID Safety officer who can be the team manager or a parent on the side line. This person should wear a Hi Vis vest.  This person is responsible for:
    • Ensuring all spectators and team personnel check in with QR code
    • Ensure that their team spectators adhere to social distancing.